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Australia is known for the best colleges and universities in the world offering a number of academic as well as professional courses in various disciplines.

Choosing the right and appropriate course and institutions to suit your needs can be a challenging task.  To make life easier for our Clients, we provide our services to support and guide you with:

Course and Career Counselling

We help you choose the most appropriate course matching your interest, ability and work experiences and provide options for enrolment into various top ranking universities in Australia. (Read More)

University Application and Enrolment

Having decided the course, we assist you in lodging and obtaining enrolment offers from respective universities/colleges. Successful enrolment would mean submission of all requisite documents and information by clients to us. (Read More)

Visa Application Assistance

We fully assist our Clients with lodgment of formal student visa with DIBP after receipt of complete document from Clients. (Read More)


We guide our Clients to choose the most cost effective OSHC which is also one of the main requirements for lodgment of student visa. (Read More)

Medical Booking Assistance for Visa Application

We assist with medical assessment booking in respective countries. (Read More)

Pre Departure Briefings

Upon grant of student visa and before moving to Australia, our team runs   pre-departure information sessions to our clients to help them transition their lives to a new place and culture. We share every information about their new place to settle them comfortably. (Read More)

Post Study Support

Once you graduate, we can assist you with post study work visa and skilled work visa, wherever relevant (Read More)