HECPF Services

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  • Provide accurate information of the institutions and courses
  • Counsel on the fee structures and studying aboard
  • Provide college selection services
  • Enroll and make arrangements to reach the students to the institutions
  • Provide educational consulting services
  • Provide educational guidance counselling services
  • Providing educational support services
  • Facilitating student visa and travel support services
  • Support in writing CVs and other document services as required

Additional Services from HECPF

At HECPF we will be able to provide following services which will set us apart from other ECPFs in the market:

  • Sharing of experience of living and working in a foreign country such as USA or Australia. Our team and proponent have lived and travelled to more than 15 countries globally.
  • Cultural orientation to new candidates
  • Tips on how to navigate flights, transits, trains and buses for first time travelers
  • Support and link up with friends, graduates and other Bhutanese across Australia and USA. We have hundreds of Bhutanese friends in almost all parts of Australia and popular destinations of USA and Europe.
  • Advise on preparing to work part-time or full time in foreign countries. Tips on taking up essential skills training and relevant certificates so that they don’t have to keep writing or calling back to Bhutan.