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EduVision Happyness Education Consultancy and Placement Firm (EHECPF) is a firm based in Thimphu Bhutan approved by the Royal Government of Bhutan through the Ministry of Education- Department of Adult and higher Education. We are positioned to provide career counselling, seek admissions and support visa processing for Bhutanese students going aboard for higher studies.

The EHECPF is founded by professionals working within the country with support of friends and family from aboard. The core team of our firm have studied, lived, travelled and worked in the USA, Australia, India, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Finland, Canada and Norway besides others.

EHECPF is a client focused and result driven ECPF that provides broad- based professional services at an affordable fee, one of the lowest in the market to support all walks of people aspiring for upgrading their education qualifications.

The business name ‘Happyness’ itself is spelled differently than ‘happiness’ to emphasize on the importance of the concept of Gross National Happiness and the value-added services we plan to deliver to our clients to make a meaningful impact on the client’s overall happiness and education satisfaction level.

EHECPF will be established with the aim of maximizing our client-oriented services and earn a decent profit in education consulting support services and we are going to go all the way to ensure that we do all it takes to attract clients on a regular basis.

Outreach and representatives

We also have a network of representatives in Australia, Thailand, India, USA, Canada to network with universities and institutes in those countries. Similarly, we also have officers and network of officers working in various parts of Bhutan.